Angus Barn

Flexible Reservation System and Custom Modules

After spending time learning the specifics of The Angus Barn restaurant operations, it became apparent why traditional reservation system programs were failing. The Angus Barn has the flexibility to change the configuration of the restaurant to fit their clients’ needs on a daily or even hourly basis. This means that the total number of seats available at any given time will vary. Traditional reservation systems don’t have a mechanism to handle that. We installed a flexible off-the-shelf reservation/seating package and developed separate modules to bridge the gap between it and what they needed. This provided an economical solution that allowed The Angus Barn to significantly increase their seating efficiency and at the same time decrease late reservations.


Network Design and Support

SDS designed and installed MarketSmart’s first network. Since then SDS has provided complete computer support for one of “the fastest growing companies in the triangle.” SDS has recommended strategies for network growth, migrations, relocations, and security. We’ve implemented Exchange E-Mail servers, SQL Database servers, and Web servers. Remote offices and traveling personnel utilize the latest technologies to communicate with the home office. Most importantly, SDS has helped create a network that is operational greater than 99% of the time, providing a stable foundation to support the rapid growth.

Let’s customize a solution for you

“SDS hosts all of our websites, which are where most of our lead generations begin. They are always just a phone call or email away if we have an issue or need advice on better ways to improve processes or solve unexpected problems. When your business depends on your website, having a responsive IT team is crucial, and SDS is that team.”

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